Procurement Unit

The head of a procurement entity of each ministry, department and agency and metropolitan, municipal and district assembly, shall establish a procurement unit within the entity which shall be headed and staffed by qualified procurement personnel. The head of a procurement entity shall appoint a head of procurement entity who shall be the Secretary to Entity Tender Committee.

Specific Functions, duties and responsibilities:

  1. Supervision of the procurement section of the college.
  2. Preparation of procurement plan for goods, works and services for the college.
  3. Ensuring adherence to procurement regulations as contained in the Procurement Act 2003, ACT 663 as amended and any other regulatory framework.
  4. Formulation of procurement plans and strategies.
  5. Processing of tender advertisements
  6. Preparation of tender bids
  7. Supervision of the maintenance and updating of proper database of suppliers, service providers and consultants.
  8. Monitoring contracts to ensure conformance and compliance with contract terms
  9. Secretary to the Entity Tender Committee
Vision of the Public Procurement Authority

A world-class, efficient, transparent, accountable and professionally managed public sector procurement system in Ghana, which enjoys high level of business confidence, and ensures consistent attainment of best value for money in the procurement of goods, works and services, in support of national development and fiscal policies.

Mission Statement of the Public Procurement Authority

To harmonize the process of procurement in the public service to secure a judicious, economic, and efficient use of public funds to ensure that public procurement is carried out in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory manner while promoting a competitive Local Industry.

(Acting Procurement Officer)

MSc. Procurement and Supply Chain management

BSc. Business Managemetnt Studies,

HND Purchasing and Supply,


B.Ed. (English Education), UEW.; MEd (Teaching English as a Second Language), UEW.

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