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Generally, the Vocational /Technical Department trains student teachers in technologies and other related sciences and in acquisition of practical skills and theoretical knowledge in order to function in various sectors of the economy and social life.

The Department aims at;

  • Exposing student teachers in acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitude and values to be practically oriented and pedagogically sound in the teaching profession.
  • Equipping student teachers with appropriate knowledge and skills in promoting equality, equity and inclusion in the teaching profession and social life.
  • Provide student teachers with solid academic foundation in their area of specialism for further programmes.

Recently, the Department had been offering Diploma programmes in Technical skills, Home Economics and Visual Arts.

Currently, the Department offers Bachelor of Education programmes in Technical skills, Home Economics and Visual Arts.

Mr. Rexford Awuku Mante
(Examination Co-ordinator)

B.Ed. (English .Education), UEW.; MA (English), UCC.

Ms. Winnifred Kowfie
(Department Secretary)

B.Ed. Art, UCC.; M.Ed. (Teacher Education), UCC.; MA (English), UCC.

Mr. Augustus Adika-Lavoe

B.Ed. (English Education), UEW.; MEd (Teaching English as a Second Language), UEW.

Ms. Lydia Owusua Nyamekye

Diploma in Education;  B.A (English and French), UCC.; MPhil (Applied Linguistics), UEW.