training resource and creativity center


  1. The Training Resource and Creativity Centre focuses on attaining the following:
  2. Research dissemination of new ideas.
  3. Reflective learning approaches through video lesson presentation.
  4. Creative engagement practices to build more geniuses through
  • Tailor-made workshops
  • Cluster mentoring
  • Group activities


The Training Resource and Creativity Centre also provide tuition for necessary skills required for Designing, Developing, Creating Appropriate Aesthetical Teaching and Learning Materials.

Besides, the Resource Centre also serves as:

  1. Reference center/library and reservoir of catalogue for TLMs.

A venue for holding workshops for teachers and tutors on Participatory Methods of Teaching (PMT), preparation of Appropriate and attractive TLMs for effective teaching in partner schools and in the Municipality as a whole.


( Co-ordinator)

B.Ed. (English .Education), UEW.; MA (English), UCC.

Tutor 1
Tutor 2
Student (Male)
Student (Female)

Samples of TLMs

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